Thursday, February 24, 2011

Natural Instincts

The two litters of pups are now together all the time, inside and out. They get along fairly well although there have been a few dominance tiffs between Boon (my Wheaten pup) and the new guys. No real fights, just some sparring. This IS Boon's house and I think he just figures he's in charge.

The whole gang is going outside every couple hours... thank goodness for the great weather we've been having... AND it is making a HUGE difference in my "new newspapers for used newspapers" workload. Generally, I don't have to change any during the entire day and even in the morning, things are not terrible. The babies are growing up! It is interesting that they just "know" the outdoors is the better place for some things and are making the effort to wait on their own. They will be really easy to housebreak in their new homes.

Also, they are eating just adult food. No more puppy food. Maybe their growth rate will slow a tad!

Another Snow Dog

This is Luna in MD. She is perfectly at home outside in the white stuff although she is not particularly fond of meeting strangers. Some pretty strong "home body" tendencies coming from the Wheaten side of the family tree.

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