Thursday, February 17, 2011

United Parcel STINKS

Yep, UPS. I know many of you find it hard to believe there is any place in the country that doesn't have home mail delivery or where residential streets are not maintained (or even MARKED) by some governmental agency, but such is the life out in the country. Be that as it may, I recently order vaccines and a bark collar from Revival, where I purchase most of my dog equipment and supplies. The vaccines came overnight via Fed-X. Two weeks later, I still don't have the collar. So I put Revival on to tracking it down. The lady there told me the file said UPS tried to deliver it but couldn't find me and directions were needed and they had sent me a postcard to let me know that. Well, the postcard is obviously going to the street address... which isn't going to work because I don't have mail delivery out here. SO the Revival lady got in touch with UPStinks to advise them of that and the woman she talked to there said the note in HER file said the truck could not get up my driveway. Now, my little Ford Focus has no trouble getting up my drive (when it's not snowy or icy) and the Fed-X truck had no trouble getting up the drive when it WAS snowy and icy and the various vehicles the tree company uses have had no trouble getting up the drive.... But the worse part is: my actual drive is maybe 25 feet. I guess UPS has taken "hire the handicapped" to a new extreme and their drivers are unable to walk. I have lived places in town where the parking lots were more than 25 feet from the buildings.... So my Revival file now says NO UPS PERIOD just in case I forget to tell the person taking my order. By the way, I told the young man who took this last order and he chose to ignore it. And Revival is having a collar sent out to my son's address in town and THEY are picking up the shipping costs. Good people there. "Service" is not part of their name, just part of their practice.

Montana Valentine

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