Friday, May 15, 2009


So, today's the 15th. No puppies here yet, although Cotton hasn't eaten anything for 2 days and is just lying around, doing nothing. She did a little nesting (digging) Wednesday night... during the Lost finale, bad girl... but that's it so far. I'm not one of those who's had any success with taking temperatures, but I may try it just to give myself something to do! This waiting is the worse part of breeding dogs, for me anyway.

She'll probably get really active tomorrow during the

Rachel Alexandra is in. The field at post position picking time was just 13, so the "extra" horses weren't thrown into the mix. Maybe the owners were just trying to scare RA's people away. As much as I'd like to see her kick the stuffing out of the colts' owners/trainers, I'm hoping Bird wins. I'd really, really like to see another Triple Crown winner. I'd like to see them come down to the wire:
Mine That Bird
Rachel Alexandra
Friesan Fire

so it will probably be Pioneerof the Nile, Papa Clem and Tres Borrachos!

Why Do People...?
I've been working with a lady for over a week for one of the rescues... sending pictures, putting her in touch with my vet, getting the dog groomed... and we were supposed to get together yesterday for her to get the dog. She was coming from about 3 hours away and I had to rearrange my schedule (and leave Cotton alone for 2 to 2-1/2 hours) so we would have time to give the dog a little adjustment period before he was whisked off. Then, as I'm almost to the meeting point (about 45 minutes away,) she calls and says her husband told her she couldn't get the dog. Now, here's my first question:
why would anyone make the decision to get a dog (or cat or car or tv, etc) without consulting the other folks in the home?
And my second question is:
why would a woman allow a man to veto the decision?
Don't get me wrong... I think adding an animal (or making a big purchase) should be a mutual decision and all points of view should be considered. However, if the objections are without merit, or if it is really important to one party to go ahead (or NOT,) the other person should not have final say.
One lady, who has two of my puppies (now grown up,) wrote me a while back and asked if there was any way to keep the dogs in full coat without brushing them continually. She said her husband refused to let her get them trimmed and their upkeep was very time consuming. So I told her to suggest that since he wanted them long haired, HE should do the brushing. Either that idea worked or they are now divorced... I haven't heard.
BUT bringing a puppy into the home is a big decision. It changes EVERYTHING and it is a long term commitment. Everyone should be on board... especially the people who are going to be doing all the work!

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