Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cotton Continues to Amaze

For a young girl, Cotton sure has this mothering stuff down pat. Heck, she's better at it than some of the old girls I've had! Pups are all clean and have full tummies. When Cotton gets up to change position, the crew that is at the dining bar all start to whine. Then Cotton whines back at them. Sounds so much like she's apologising for having to move!

I'm a little worried about "Peg" today (the puppy minus part of her leg.) Twice I've found her alone, away from the rest of the pack. Sometimes... usually... when the same pup is off by itself all the time, it means something serious (like fatal) is wrong with it and the mom knows... she pushes it away. I'm not sure Cotton is shoving her off as she seems fine with her when I put her back with the other pups. She licked the stitches out about a day and a half ago and now the end is all exposed. It's dried up, but it IS exposed. I was going to say I was calling the vet in the morning but I think they'll be closed for the holiday. I don't think they'll want to restitch since it would mean taking off more of the leg. One thing I don't understand is why the vet didn't cut so there was a flap of skin that could be used to cover the end. I'm going to ask about it. GOOD vets dock tails... wait, let me reword that since most "good" vets don't want to dock tails any more... vets who are good at docking tails leave the skin a little longer on one side and stitch it over to the other. That way, when it is healed, there is hair on the end of the tail. Maybe Mike (one of the vets I don't usually see) didn't do it that way because we're probably going to have to take off more of the leg down the road.

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