Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a Note

Thought I'd post a birthday... one WEEK this evening... update. Everyone is doing great! The pups are getting chubby and Cotton has relaxed enough to be sleeping out of the nest for an hour or so at a time. She did eat something a couple days ago that gave the pups colic for about 24 hours... you have NO idea how much noise 11 pups with tummy aches can make... but everything is back to normal. It's interesting to note that, as usual with large litters, this one is divided into two groups. The groups don't include the same pups all the time, but Cotton offers one 6-7 place setting and one 4-5 place with the pups not eating sleeping in a pile a few feet away. They stay in their respective groups unless she's been gone for a while... she's now willing to go outside and spend as much as a half hour in the sun (instead of taking care of business and then immediately coming back in.) She even makes a trip through the house upon her return and checks in with all the other dogs (bragging?) before going back to the kids. Then she noses all of them awake, plops down in a sloppy sit position and lets them root around. She's doing a pretty good job of getting up and down without stepping in the middle of someone's back, although she'll catch a stray paw now and then. I am really so impressed with her over all!

Another Country Heard From

And here's Charlie:

Don't you just LOVE this guy!

And New York is not Going to Be Outdone
This is Lulu, modeling the latest in Spring fashion:

Blue's a good color for her!

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