Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Filly Does It, Cotton Still Working On It!

Rachel Alexandra led all the way and finished first against the colts, with Mine That Bird coming from the back of the pack to finish second. IF they are both in the Belmont in 3 weeks and both have an equally problem free trip around the track, I think he'll catch her. But maybe not... her jockey said she didn't like the track in Baltimore and maybe the one in NY will please her more. But it is for sure Bird's Derby win was not a fluke.

Cotton - Maybe Tonight
Cotton has been panting off and on all day and she's eaten (FINALLY!) about half a bowl of food, so tonight might be the time she's chosen for whelping. She certainly isn't arguing about wanting to stay out of the puppy pen when I tell her to get in... a sign that she feels safe and comfortable there. I don't have anything planned for tomorrow (except the Survivor finale, so I won't mind getting up and down all night long!

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