Monday, May 25, 2009

Sad News

I decided to put Peg to sleep. Her leg started swelling late yesterday and by this morning was more than double the size it should be. She had gotten very quiet and was continually moving off by herself. Although she was still nursing, and Cotton was still taking care of her, it was obvious she was feeling awful. I called the vet... not thinking they'd be open today, but just in case... and their entire staff was in so I got to let Jane take a look at her. All the vets there are more than competent; I just have a "relationship" with Jane. She said she didn't think Peg would live long enough to make surgery a possibility and it was more a question of how sick we would let her get before we put her down. So, rest in peace, sweet little puppy.

On a lighter note
I've decided, taking into consideration the economy and the double-sized litter Cotton has come up with, to reduce the price of the male pups to $800. Females are going to stay the same because I have only one still available. This should make happy the families with reservations on boys as well as people still thinking about getting a puppy.... So if you have friends, relatives, even strangers on the street who just look like they need unadulturated love in their lives, send them my way!

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