Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes, Yes, Yes

I know. It's been almost a week since I've posted. Blame it on my computer which gave up the battle a while back. My energy level remains low... adequate, but I'm no ball of fire... and climbing almost 2 dozen steps to my son's second story apartment so I can use HIS computer is more than I want to even think about more than once or twice a week. My new laptop does not have a dial up modem... they apparently stopped making computers, even desktops, with them some years back. And the two different programs we've bought that are supposed to give you access to dial up have both proved failures. It's probably me, not the programs, but that's the way of it right now. I'm in the market for an older, rebuilt pc since dial up is the only way I can go.

I've appreciated hearing from those of you who have called or emailed. It's nice to know people care!

The dogs are fine... not happy that it has gotten back up in the 90s... and the pups are growing like weeds. They have been very, very good puppies! They get out for a couple hours in the morning and spend most of their time chasing each other in and out of the house, dragging in every leaf, stick, clump of dirt they find on the deck. None of them seems interested in going back down the steps again and I think the two who went down on their own once before probably tumbled down. Peri, my Di/Brogue daughter from last fall, continues to be their willing playmate and chew toy. And Keogh whines and carries on like they were 6 weeks instead of just shy of 11every time they are loose and she is not (so I usually let her out with them as well.)

Right now I can't do photos since my son does not have a photo program on his computer (imagine!) But some day....

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