Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes, I've Been Gone

But I'm almost back. I'm in the hospital until tomorrow or Sunday. My son is taking care of the dogs and I think it has been good for them AND him. He's the first stranger the pups have had to deal with and they are, apparently handling it quite well. He said they all come running and bounce around whenever he's near them. Even the adults gave up trying to bark him off the face of the Earth. And HE hasn't had to do any dog stuff (or taking care of anyone but himself) since he left home MANY years ago. AND we've had enough rain that Tommy Tomato and the flowers don't need his help. The hospital has a pet visitation policy so Crockett (the hairless puppy) as been in to visit which pleased him and me and confused the staff!

I'll catch you up next week.

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