Sunday, October 24, 2010


This morning, Diamond and Brogue have added 5 beauties to their lifetime achievement total. Two males and three females, all wheaten except for one black boy. The wheatens, who are reddish colored right now, WILL and the black COULD end up just as blond as their dad. Right now, everyone seems perfectly healthy, warm, dry and fed.

Emy's reservation list CLOSED
because she also had pups this morning. (I was afeared that was going to happen since she was so closed to term and in the same room as her mom. And, yes, I know "afeared" is not a real word.) Em and Shadow had... sit down and take a deep breath... TEN (10.) Theirs are 3 girls and 7 boys. The girls are a wheaten and two pale blonds and the boys are the same plus 4 blacks. Again, all of them could end up being blond. Also, they're all warm, dry, fed, and appear healthy.

In the interest of making sure everyone gets enough food from mom, Em's two very blond boys have moved to grandma's nest where they are snuggled in with their aunts and uncles.

The whole thing of whelping 15 puppies took 4-1/2 hours, from 6 AM (exactly) to 10:30 (okay, it was actually 10:40.)

This human is running into town to WalMart (yuck) for some more hot water bottles, then taking a quick nap and then watching bull riding from Las Vegas. Those guys think they're so tough!

Pictures MAYBE tomorrow.

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