Monday, October 25, 2010

PIX! Di's and Em's Litters

/\ from Di and Brogue, 2 males and 3 females /\
The boys are on the bottom (slightly to the left) and the 3 girls are, well
the other 3 pups!
Don't ask which one I'm keeping!

\/ from Emy and Shadow, 7 males and 3 females \/
The girls are the 3 on the left and the boys are the big pile on the right. One of the "blacks" is now (since he's dry!) one of the "reds."

So far, the only pup I have any reservations about is one of the light blond males. He's just plain scrawny! But, every time I check, he's got a nipple in his mouth, so we'll see. AND he's the only one of the 15 who has a back dewclaw (just one,) which I'm leaving right where it is. (No sense in stressing him any with a trip to the vet to have it removed.)

Another thing: I'm going to post pix of the pups divided into just males and just females (for each litter) as well as a different shot of each litter on the website. However, we're about to get a kick from another big thunderstorm (LOTS of damage... around the area but not here... from the one that went through this AM.) I may not get the website updated for a day or two as we're expecting an even bigger storm some time tomorrow. Everyone pray for my trees!


Ms C is getting big and I'm going to move her into the nursery (which I used to call my bedroom) either tonight or tomorrow. Just in case!

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