Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Pups Yet

Sorry, folks, but Diamond seems quite comfortable toting her babies internally. She's still able to jump up on the bed unaided AND she's eating.

For those of you who are first timers in the waiting game, signs of labor beginning are:
no eating (except for the exceptions to this rule)
no jumping on furniture (except for exceptions)
nesting (digging in the newspaper or bedding of the nest... or the bed, furniture, closet, etc... except for girls who don't do that)
paying attention to the rear end (licking or just looking at it with a puzzled expression... except...)

On the other hand, Emy is HUGE. And uncomfortable. I've moved her into the bedroom as well. She can't get up on the bed, but she's not much into furniture anyway. She's a little spooked at being moved from her family (dogs are very into status quo) and is a little off her feed because of that. (I hope it's because of that.)

Cotton is also way bigger than I was expecting at this time.

Did I say 20 pups? Looks like I was off in that prediction!

Computer problem

My laptop has decided to either die or just get terminally ill. The color fades to various shades of gray, making it impossible for me to do anything but play mahjongg (because the symbols are so dark I can still see them.) I can't read email or anything else, so it's at the fixer-uppers. However, they had never heard of the problem as I described it and were not very encouraging. This is the first laptop I've had and I thought they could just replace the color/graphics card... was not happy to learn laptops don't have them and everything is built in.

Today I'm at the library and later this afternoon I'm going to drag out my MAC and see if it will respond to some sweet talk. I actually prefer it but it got a little sluggish after the dogs got tangled in its cords and pulled it around the tv room for awhile a few years ago. I knew I should have taken it in to be tended to way back then, but I had the laptop and....


I have PAD which makes some things uncomfortable, even painful. Like standing in lines. That is ONE of the reasons I ask people to "waive signature" when they send me their initial reservation or deposit overnight. If I don't have to sign for it, it goes right into my p o box and I can pick it up without going to the counter and signing for it. Also, I often... as in usually... do not get into town until after counter hours, so having the mail right there works out for me. The box is safe, certainly safer than having mail left at the door or in a street mailbox. So please! waive signature.

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