Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is Murphy (nee Brother) from Emy and SPARKY's LAST litter.
What is interesting is Murphy just weighed in at 19.8 pounds getting close to his 6 months birthday.
The curious aspect of this is his litterbrother, Elliott, weighed in at
42+ pounds at the same time!

Unfortunate news
The little tiny guy died during the night. I was giving him 1-2 cc every 2 hours even though he had been nursing and wasn't dehydrated, but he was obviously less active every time I picked him up and just lay in my hand, letting me drip fluid into his mouth. Healthy pups tend to squirm a lot when handled, even (especially) at this young age and hungry pups suck the tip of the syringe. Some pups just don't make it, no matter what.

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