Thursday, August 12, 2010


Fleas, Tapes and other worms, Loose stool - oh MY!

Right about now is when this stuff is going to start showing up. The pups are due for the next (and last) parvo combo shot in the next few days and the flea prevention... Advantage... is starting to wear off. Tape worms... the ones that look like rice... are caused by the dog swallowing a flea. The little buggers do not have to be on the animal; they can be in the grass or hitching a ride on someone's clothing. Generally, tapes are not particularly harmful to the dog BUT they do have a high ugh! gross! factor. One pill from the vet... or if you prefer, there is a monthly heartworm preventative which also prevents tapes. Ask your vet if Iverheart Max is available. It also prevents round worms (look like spaghetti) and probably most of the others (yes, there are others!) as well. Loose stool, at this stage, is usually caused by coccidia and/or giardia, both of which live in the digestive tract and are shed during periods of stress. Both are easily and inexpensively treated with Albon or metronidazole. (The latter is marketted as Flagyl for human consumption for the same problem.)

At home with Beckett Hoagland

Young Mr. Beckett and his Portie roommate.

One of my favorite pictures

Someone sent me this several years back and it always brings a smile to my face!

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