Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dog Foods

Once again, Caren has done all the work for me...

After finding out that what I was transitioning Jack Elliott to was too high in fat, I did some internet research and I came up with a list of brands that fit your criteria. In case anyone else is interested here is the list:

Brand Protein %/Fat%

California Natural Lamb 21/11
Excel Lamb Meal :& Rice 22/12
Eagle Pack Maintenance 20/12
Nutro's Natural Choice 21/12
Nature's Recipe Maintenance Lamb 20/10
Cycle Adult 22/8
Science Diet Savory Recipe Chicken 20/12
Purina Dealer's Pride Economy 18/6
Purina Mainstay 16/6
Natural Life Lamaderm 22/10
Fromm Family Maintenance 20/11
Avoderm Brown Rice, Oatmeal & Chicken Meal Formula Lite 18/8
Avoderm Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice 20/10
Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Lamb & Rice 22/12

We're going to go with Avoderm Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice. I've looked at the ingredients and I like it...lots of Omega 3s, glucosamine and probiotics, and it's available at Petsmart.

Thanks, Caren!

For MANY years I have fed Pedigree which is 21/10 and is available in grocery stores everywhere.

Picture of Remy

Remy is adjusting to life in Salt Lake City, aidded by her uncle, Stewart, who is the son of Brogue.

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