Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday X 8!

Hard to believe... Emy and Sparky's 2010 kids are 4 months old today. JUST 4 months! Seems like they've been here forever!

Diamond and Brogue
Having consummated their long standing relationship several times last week, Di and Brogue are now in the "wait and see" stage of puppy production. Will keep you posted!

Emy, Cotton
These two girls are BOTH in season. I liked it SOOO much better when they spread it out over several months time.

Got a call from California the other day, from a young lady who wanted to come meet my Whoodles. Turns out she is the student of a lady who has a 2 year old Cotton/Brogue puppy and she and her mom are driving cross country, taking her back to school. So the girls (Em and Cotton) and I went into town to meet them. Very nice folks and I was tickled with the stories about Susan's... let's call it affection... for Bode. (He's the one running in the snow.) Em and daughter, after their initial shock at my wanting them to let strangers touch them, settled down and watched the people coming and going in the parking lot. I enjoyed the time out greatly... too much, in fact. As some of you know, I have PAD and standing still is not a good thing from my legs' point of view. I could barely walk the next day! But it was worth it!

And Finally...
In the matter of references... a nice young couple got in touch last week and asked for some contacts. I sent them the list, with a couple new additions. Several of you emailed me, some with copies of your replies to their inquiries, and I'm still blushing over all the nice things you had to say about the pups. It makes me feel good to know so many people are so favorably impressed! And I appreciate YOUR feedback. In this particular case, MY impression of the couple was very positive as it was with everyone I heard from. There have been times when I've gotten negative reports about the inquirers. It's always been with people I already have doubts about which makes it easy to scratch them off my puppy list. Folks, I appreciate ALL your help! Thanks.

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