Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing TOO Fast, Teething

Rob in CA and Caren in TN (Charlie and Elliott) both report that their pups have GREATLY increased their weights in the short time they've lived with them. That is NOT good news. Too rapid early growth leads to a number of structural problems, not the least of which is hip dysplasia. ALL the pups should be on a good adult food with a protein level of no more than 22% and a fat level of no more than 12%. Right now is the time to take care of this problem.

Caren says this is what she is doing for Jack Elliott:

Teething is in full force. He ate a pair of my sandals (stupid me for leaving them under my desk while he was under there!), so I went to wally world and bought him a dozen of those rope bones, made some chicken stock (don't worry...skimmed the fat twice so it wouldn't be too fatty for him) soaked them along with his nyla bone and kong toy, then put them in a freezer bag. Voila! When he starts gnawing on my foot, he gets a bone and it seems to really help numb his mouth and help with the pain.

And... Spider

This little girl is on hold for payment and is moving to CT to live with Connie.
Guess it's time for Di and Cotton to get busy!

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