Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing Hard to Get

Don't know how every other breeder does it, but when I have a girl come in heat, I immediately separate her from ALL my male dogs, even the neutered ones. I have several breeder friends who put a cycling female in with the male they want her bred with and just leave the 2 of them together until she is out of heat. I don't do that because some females can be REALLY obnoxious... as in downright vicious... with males until they get to the part of their cycle which is called "standing heat" (when her hormones tell her she is ready to be bred.) And if the girl rips an interested boy's head off, some guys lose interest.

So, Cotton has been away from Brogue for the last week... they are in the tv room in separate pens. She is with her mom and grandma and the 2 pens are side by side, actually touching, so Brogue can sniff at her when she gets close but she has room to move away. He started showing interest... pawing through the wire to pull her blanket close... several days ago. She's pretty much ignored his efforts except for the occasional snarl when he's touched her.

Here's how things have progressed since Friday, the first day I let them out in the yard together...
Friday: Brogue wants to sniff and lick. Cotton has a headache which makes her stay as far away from him as possible.
Saturday: Brogue wants to sniff and lick. Cotton prances around near him, then runs away when he gets close.
Sunday: Brogue wants to sniff and lick. Cotton lets him but heads for the hills when he tries to mount. Then she comes trotting back as soon as he looks elsewhere for something to do.
Today: Brogue wants... well, you know what he wants. And so does Cotton. She is this close to thinking it's a good idea....

Moving right along! If only Keogh's cycle had gone this way!

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