Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good News Bad News One More Time

Let's start with the bad and that is Keogh and the Mini G'doodles AND the Doubles. We've done 3 progesterone tests on her and the level is going down. Now, this is, to say the least, unusual because a bitch's p-level rises throughout her heat cycle and the 2 months afterwards whether she is bred or not. (That is why "skipping" a bitch... not breeding her every heat... is of no benefit to her.) So, Keogh's level should NOT be less now that it was earlier in her cycle... if it were staying the same, okay, we'd just say she's not moving through the cycle very quickly or even normally, but diminishing is a bad thing. She had a very strange heat cycle the last time as well. So unless things have changed dramatically with the next p-test, scheduled for Monday/results on Tuesday, there is NOT going to be a litter of Goldendoodles and most likely I'll decide to spay her which means there won't be any DoodleDoodles either. The whole reason I was interested in the Doubles is Keogh... she is SUCH a great dog! But maybe that is supposed to be enough.

Now the good news

Cotton is in heat! Finally, after almost one year to the day! Right now, Brogue is too interested in her roommate... Keogh... to have noticed (although the other boys have) but in a week or so, he'll be back in the Whoodle program!

Emy and Cotton pups just a few weeks apart... fingers crossed, knock on wood and if the creek don't rise... good thing I laid in a big supply of microchips!

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