Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Ready - LOTS of Photos

FINALLY! I got around to a couple shots of Ost. Remember him... the Labradoodle pup I bought for my Double Doodle program? Well, he is 4-1/2 months old and quite a good size (as in fairly big, not huge, but... big.)

He's a healthy, happy puppy with a really sweet take on things. He's still in the puppy pen, living with the Poodle pups who are about as big as his head!

And he LOVES everything about the outdoors!

Especially when he's out there with Rida (Querida) who is my 6-1/2 months old Khala puppy

Rida's mama was out of my last Khala litter, maybe 4-5 years ago.

She is rather large for a Khala... probably going to be about the size of a standard Poodle when she's full grown.


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