Sunday, March 21, 2010


Some of you may have noticed I've changed the email address above from my regular address BACK to the yahoo one. With all my complaining about yahoo, I failed to give them credit for the area in which they excel... the one of preventing or at least, extremely limiting, spam. Yahoo seems to do it automatically but fastmail (like most others) needs to be set up for it and I'm not very good at following those instructions. One week with my regular address and my inbox was... let's say busy. With new pups coming, I need all the room I can get for REAL email, so back to yahoo for everything else!

The results from Keogh's last progesterone test are... exactly the same as the previous week! She's still at 1.4. We don't have any real idea what is going on with her. Until yesterday, the guys were all still VERY interested even though she was in her 3rd week. But yesterday, Cotton replaced her in everyone's affections. It is possible Keogh's thyroid is not functioning properly and that is a very easy and CHEAP fix. But, for some reason, I'm not interested in pursuing it. Guess my heart and soul have been taken over by whoodle-mania and there is no real desire to change.
So I'll talk with Bill again on Monday and decide then what to do about Ke... however, the miniature Goldendoodles, followed by Double Doodles are definitely a passing fancy. The only real problem is what to do about Ost who I bought SPECIFICALLY as a stud for Keogh. I've been thinking about it and will most likely commit to finding him a great home. He is a terrific puppy, much more mature in many ways than any 5 months old pup I've been around, so easy to live with! It is really hard to let him go.

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