Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Pictures

Lulu who lives in DUMBO New York... no lie! I love the name of that NYC neighborhood! Lulu is a Goldendoodle.

Patch who lives in the Atlanta area, sporting his nice (?) new trim. Mom (and grandma) not totally thrilled. Patch is a Whoodle.

Actually, the two are related... Shadow is Lulu's grandfather and Patch's dad... and the parti-coloring does NOT come from him.

Good News/Bad News

For me, anyway. Because of the breeding I want to do this Fall with my Goldendoodle, Keogh (Lulu's mom,) I took Brogue to the vet to see if he could be "collected" for artificial insemination. The answer was a resounding "NO! and get away from me with that cup!" That's the bad news and pretty much terminates my hope of ever having a Who-Doo litter. The next option for Keogh is my miniature Poodle Sparky. So HE went to the vet yesterday for the same procedure. And he performed like a champ. That's the good news. BUT it raises the question of whether or not I truly want to put all the money it would take to produce a mini Goldendoodle litter (probably over a thousand dollars with progesterone testing and the surgical implantation) when I know a number of breeders who have beautiful, healthy Goldendoodle pups begging for homes. Needless to say, I'm still batting this one around. I have opened a waiting list for G'dood pups with the idea that if I get enough homes lined up I'll do the breeding. And if not, I'll breed Emy and Shadow again when she comes in next month rather than waiting for her next cycle. Feel free to weigh in on this. Opinions always welcome!

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