Monday, August 3, 2009

This and that

Yahoo... I'm REALLY REALLY unhappy with them right now. Their site gets slower and slower... and slower. About the only one I'm ever on that is worse is godaddy. Both of them have the same problem(s)... WAY too much content on each page and too many ads. (My pop up blocker keeps me from seeing them, but they still slow down the site.) Also, with Yahoo, they are continually making improvements or what THEY think of as improvements. This time the biggest one seems to be moving "logout" from the right side of the screen to the left. Now THAT's an improvement! Every time I go to sign off, it ticks me off as I'm so used to clicking on the right. What a pain and for what reason? All I want is email, easy access email. I don't need im or texting or human interest stories, just a normal looking mailbox. Yahoo, fix something that's broken and leave your email alone!

Something else I've been thinking about, particularly since Cotton had her pups. One of the statements the purists always use ("purists," in this case, meaning the folks who think it is a sin to mix breeds... as if God created all the "purebreds" just before the seventh day rest period...) one of their statements is pups from a mixed litter don't look alike... like, say, a litter of German Shepherd Dogs does. Obviously, the people making such ridiculous assertions have a) never studied a litter of purebred puppies and/or b) never studied doodle or whoodle pups or adults. The very differences that supposedly DON'T exist in purebred breeding is what gives them "show" quality or "pet" quality pups and have to do with obvious to anyone things like coat, color/markings, size, etc not to mention the finer points like head piece, tailset, shoulder angle, rear construction, blah, blah, blah. Yet anyone can look at a group of Poodle mixes and see amazing similarities. Look at the Labradoodle Shadow just bred and then look at my Keogh... Ke may be an inch or two taller and she is more silver, but they look alike. And I've never had a litter before like Cotton's... so identical I still cannot, at 11 weeks, reliably tell one from another. If this was a purebred litter, people would be in awe of the consistency. I'm in awe... and annoyed!

Pictures - not
Look folks, I know everyone wants more pictures and I'd love to oblige but I probably won't get to. I'm trying to get all my normal running around done for the next two weeks in preparation for the almost daily visits to the vet and groomer I'm going to be making so I can get your little darlings on their way. I just know I'm going to take the wrong pup at the wrong time or worse, show up at a meeting or the airport with the wrong guy. I'm even dreaming about it! So just hang in there... almost all of you will have your hands on your pup shortly and you can send ME photos! (Just remember I'm still on dial up... downsize please!

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