Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Down... Many MANY More to Go!

The first two pups left this weekend. One was very easy (and I appreciate Matt and Ashley letting me rush them so I could deal with the other issue.) And the other was the other issue. It's still too raw for me to go into detail but suffice it to say I am not a happy camper when it comes to Mesaba Air, NW Air and by association, Delta. The puppy is FINE. He arrived in good shape and seems to be fitting himself in (as the photo below shows.) But just getting him on the plane was more work and time consuming than shipping my ENTIRE last litter.

This is "brown dog" who had a very trying day on Saturday but seems to be handling it with aplomb!

By the way, brown dog weighed in at about 10-1/2 pounds while his brother, pig boy, is a little over 12. Differences are finally beginning to show up! Yeah, now that they're leaving.

And finally for today... an addition here... or not

I am thinking about keeping the last Virginia Woofs male puppy. Yeah, I know, I do NOT need any more dogs around here. But "need" is a relative term. Brogue is getting up there in years, for a breeding dog, and I do not want to a) depend on outside stud service or b) get another purebred Wheaten guy. (As I've said, I've loved all my SCWTs, but I've been very lucky with them... don't know how long that kind of luck will last!) Anyway, the check for the last boy was sent regular mail... and is apparently lost... or perhaps not even written... and I have been thinking about a replacement for Brogue anyway. So I'm looking at this as a sign. Haven't come up with a name for him yet... which may be a sign of something else (and I'm not talking about old age!)

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