Monday, April 20, 2009

Request to Whoodle Families

I've had a number of people email me recently asking if I could put them in touch with folks in their local area so they could actually "meet" a Whoodle. Any of you who are willing to share with a stranger, please let me know. When someone asks, I'll send YOU their contact info and YOU can get in touch... or not... as you choose.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of this tragedy. I must admit I have not had any on going curiosity about the situation. However, the owner of the forum where I spend a lot of time... the Brokeback Mountain forum... has written a book on Columbine. It is debuting on the New York Times Best Seller List
at number seven. Dave (Cullen) was supposed to be on Oprah this afternoon but the show was cancelled at the last minute because she felt the program was all about the killers. I was looking forward to putting an "action figure" to the forum poster I've known for more than 3 years. Anyone with an interest in this subject should get Dave's book and check out his Columbine blog at

WHO-DOOS a "no go" again
Well, Debbie-doodle is staying in California so there won't be any Who-Doo pups this summer, at least not here. If the interest is still there when my Keogh comes back into season, I'll try a surgical artificial insemination with her and Brogue. That should be in October.

Lots of interest in Butler
After several weeks of nothing going on, my mailbox had a number of inquiries in it over the weekend AND my phone has been busy... THREE calls this afternoon! He is "on hold" for a fairly local family who is going to try to meet him this weekend. He is such a great guy, I'm really going to miss him. Unlike the 2 Poodle mix pups still here! Just joking, sort of. They are really sweet pups but I'd forgotten how much MORE work small breed pups are than medium to large breed pups. They are very active and agile and noisy! But they're smart too and not only know the rules BUT have become quite adept at reading my body language.... These guys are practically house broken and have had all their shots and would make really really good pets... hint, hint!

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