Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Dog, Haircuts


The internet is abuzz with the Presidential dog and, as a serious dog-person, my opinion is: given all the choices he could have made, the Prez made a terrible one. First, the breed, Portuguese Water Dog or PWD, is not for first time dog owners, even those with tons of OTHER people around to deal with their issues. Second, this a rehome which means something didn't work out with the first owners. Now it could be the breeder got the pup back because of economics... it's happening to all of us... but it could be there was a problem. People giving up their pets OFTEN do not follow full disclosure rules because they are afraid the breeder... or shelter or whomever... will not take the dog if it has behavioral difficulties. Third, a puppy who has left its breeder, gone to its own home and then had to be rehomed, is confused and frightened by all the changes in its life. It needs time... often LOTS of time... to settle in and adjust to its new situation and people (and the fewer people, the better.) It definitely is not a candidate for high profile first time owners. I hope this pup comes into the White House and makes a liar out of me.


I have several new photos of pups from Emy and Shadow's litter (the one Butler is from.) Scott and Kariss were kind enough to send me "before and after" pictures:

They think Stoney looks too Poodley with his trim and I agree. (A lot of Portuguese Water Dogs get trimmed like this too... it seems to be the universal "puppy cut," one trim fits all!)

Here are Emy (grown out from her last do-over) and Cotton (Em's pup from her first litter) in HER first haircut:

This is sort of a "Two Faces of Whoodles" shot!

And this is the little black girl, Pookie, who is living in the Chicago area:

Of course, this photo is from when Pookie first moved from Tennessee. Bet she has a lot more coat now!


For about a week I was babysitting a really sweet little Whoodle guy who was between homes. His buyers bought him up north and then fell on rough times... it seems to be going around... and had to give him up. They thought they'd found someone for him but needed a place for him to crash until his new family could get him. So he came here and had a great time playing with Butler and the poodle-mix pups (some are STILL hanging around!) and his people picked him up yesterday. I was sorry... almost... to see him go!

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