Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Happened to Girl Scout Cookies?

It's been a couple years since I bought my last box of Girl Scout cookies, but I got way laid at Lowe's... well, the kids were outside the exit door and that's all it took. I bought a box of Thin Mints and it was an extreme exercise in self control getting home with the box intact. Which is why it is so sad to report that I just tossed the box and 3/4 the cookies in the trash. They were absolutely TERRIBLE! I can get better... MUCH better... chocolate mint cookies at the dollar store. And for a lot less money. I will not be buying any more from the Scouts!

Sweet letter
Got this "thank you" note in the REAL mail today. That is so unusual and the letter is so nice, I'm posting it...

Dear Sherry,
Two years ago Zoe came to us in a crate on an airplane and I never would have guessed how much I would love her! Thanks for breeding such a sweet dog. We went to the vet today and she was just so friendly to every person and animal there.
I hope your life is getting a little less hectic and wishing you an early spring. Thanks again.
P.S. Murphy (not to leave him out) is just the best, easiest dog in the world - love him!

Just so you know, Zoe is from Emy and Shadow's first litter and Murphy is from Emy and Sparky's second litter.

Puppies' progress

So, I still have 4 pups available... a female and 2 males from Emy and Shadow and a male from Cotton and Brogue. And there are 2 of Jennifer's pups here as well.
All have just turned 4 months old and next week, weather permitting, I'm going to start working with MINE on lead. It's pretty much a "have to" rather than a "want to." They are getting so big... over 20 pounds... I simply don't want to be lugging them around in my arms any more. Once I get into that, the price goes up... they've had ALL their shots (a BIG financial savings for their new families) and are well started on house training (a BIG time and frustration savings for their new families) and lead training/early obedience work is also a huge plus.

The gist of this is... if you know anyone who is thinking about getting a pup you might want to tell them
NOW is the time to make their move!

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