Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Things

First, it is race week here and as usual, I am totally unprepared and put off by the increase in traffic. You city folk, even those from smaller urban areas, would probably be amused by what I consider an increase in traffic. BUT whenever I reach the stop sign at the end of our private road (which gets no traffic as in NO traffic) and have to wait for more than one car before I can pull out onto the paved road, I wonder where all the traffic is coming from. And this is only Wednesday... note to self: Survivor is on TONIGHT, not Thursday.... it will be ever so much worse tomorrow and then the weekend (when I stay home period.) Usually by Tuesday, things are pretty much back to normal. How they get all those people out of the area in such a short time is amazing to me, especially as accidents seem to be minimal.

Second, the waiting list is open again. I'll be changing the website to reflect that and to update breeding status of all the girls, but here it is for those of you who check here first:
Di and Emy are in season (actually, almost out) and have successfully been "skipped." That's not always the easiest thing to do, but Brogue is getting older and I separated him from them BEFORE he realized what was going on. Then, Cotton came in... she's always the last one... and I immediately put her in with Brogue which made him very happy and kept his mind off the girls who were out of sight but still smelled very, very enticing. He has covered Cotton twice already (probably more because he wanted the others but she was the only one available than because she was ready,) so.... As soon as I know for sure that she is pregnant (in 6-7 weeks,) I'll open the reservation list for their pups.

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