Thursday, September 30, 2010

Di/Brogue Reservation List

Tomorrow, October 1st, I am opening the reservation list for Diamond and Brogue's pups, due after 10/20/10. HOWEVER, since people on the waiting list were notify earlier this week, I am fairly certain the list will be filled immediately.

The Good News
is I am also fairly certain that BOTH Emy and Cotton are pregnant as well. They have bloomed in the last couple days which COULD be false pregnancies. But I doubt it. The reservation list for those two litters will open in the next two weeks... and, again, families on the waiting list will have advance notice.

And, no
I am not looking forward to January 2011... when I will have to do all the work of taking care of 3 litters. Until then, their moms... if they behave the way they usually do with pups... will bear most of the burden. I'm already planning to check into a resort an a balmy South Seas island for the whole month of February!

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