Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Months and Still Going Strong!

Emy and Sparky's youngest babies were 5 months old yesterday. Bad Grandmama (me) forgot to post a happy birthday message... guess I'm too busy following their older sister and niece around, trying to decide if they are pregnant or not!

Kelly says Murphy (used to be Brother) is 18.4 pounds as of yesterday.

Of This and That
Secretariat, the movie, starts in another week (special sneak preview this Saturday, in some places) and I'm looking forward to it. And then, the following week, Reds, starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren, among others, opens.

And then there is the new tv season. Nothing has really grabbed me yet. I wanted to watch Undercovers but it's on opposite Survivor and I've been hooked on that for YEARS. I have watched The Event and am really tired of that broken time line business. But will go back next week. Outlaw, on Fridays, has been good. I am going to take a gander at the new Wm Shatner comedy on Thursdays because I hear it's done by the Will and Grace people and I could use a good laugh at least once a week! And yet, so far, there is nothing outstanding this year.

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