Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seiz, my liver shunt puppy

Some of you know I often have dogs in my home who are looking for new situations because something has happened with their first... or second or third, etc... families. Well, right now I have an 18 weeks old tiny fellow who has (we think) a liver shunt. The prognosis for him is not good; in fact, it's dire. So I'm planning to keep him until whenever. I've named him Seiz which is short for "seizure." He used to have them just about every other day but over the last 2 months, they've gotten farther and farther a part... he actually went 12 days between them a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, they seem to be increasing in duration and intensity. The last one was Sunday afternoon and was 2 right in a row, the second just as he was coming up from the first. Normally, no-one pays any attention when he's seizing but this time the puppies he's living with were... I don't want to say "aggressive" but they were very interested and crowded around him. And all the other dogs in the house, no matter where they were, got very upset and vocal. It took him about double his usual hour to get back to normal. This is not a good sign.

He weighs 3, maybe 3-1/2 pounds and is a "blue." He's a strange looking little guy especially as he has what's known as color dilution alopecia which means he doesn't have a full coat. In his case, he has abundant hair everywhere except his ears and his tail... all 3 are totally bald. Normally his ears stand straight up, but of course, since I was taking pictures, they're down and you can't see them very well. And the little monkey kept looking at me so I never got a good shot of him from the side so you could get a good look at his skinny little hairless tail although the bottom pix does give you an idea..

One thing about this puppy, and I don't know if it's just his nature OR if he's been affected mentally by the seizures, but he doesn't seem to learn much... I'm not talking obedience training: I'm talking not biting too hard, not biting places where you're not supposed to (like noses and toes,) the meaning of words like "no," "stop," "mine," "dammit," etc. He gets along fine with his companions... Shadow (the standard Poodle) is his best pal... if fact, it took me some time and effort to get Shadow to stop packing him around in his mouth... and Ravin (my 100 pound Lab) is his favorite resting place when he gets tired. He plays nicely with the other pups... amazingly, they have never made him cry or he them. And he's a ball of fire tearing around the house and the yard at breakneck speed. He just seems to have a short circuit when it comes to people or at least THIS person.

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