Friday, March 13, 2009

New beginnings

Well, they say "use it or lose it" and seniors are advised to try new things to keep their mental juices flowing. It's not enough that I have to have a website, now I have to bare my soul in a blog!
So I'm giving it a try.

Right now I have several pups who are old enough to go to their new homes. One left yesterday and another is leaving tomorrow. The young lady who picked up her puppy yesterday was tickled to death with her. She's already spent a small fortune on all kinds of doggy goodies and I'm sure the pup is going to be even more spoiled than she already is! The boy who is leaving tomorrow is going to a home with 4 youngsters... poor guy, he's going to be in shock when he finds himself loaded into a car with 6 people. He just yesterday discovered there are more 2 legged beings out there... his eyes were as big as saucers when we walked into the groomer's! Until then he was sure I was the only weird one in the world! But he did fine. And I was SOOO proud of him today... first time on a lead and he figured it out in about 5 minutes... followed along like he'd been doing it for months. Of course it helped his grandpa was along.Tomorrow I'm planning to take Mom and Dad with us when we meet the family, both for moral support and to let his people see where he comes from.

So that's it for day 1.

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